Love Where You Work

We’ve heard there are stylists out there who go to “work” every day. Not at Detlev! Here, stylists come together in the salon to pursue their passion in a supportive, dynamic environment.

The Detlev team thrives on collaboration in a positive, welcoming culture. Our leaders meet regularly with stylists to encourage growth, coach to goals and help navigate challenges. We know we’re lucky, and we want you to be lucky, too!


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Why Detlev?

When we asked our team why they loved working here, they had a lot of feedback, and we’re humbled and honored by their gracious words. Here’s what they had to say.

On teamwork …

“We’re constantly there for each other, through the good and bad, and willing to help—no matter what.” –Junior

“It’s a positive environment where everyone supports each other. Drama and negativity aren’t tolerated, which makes for a great place to grow.” –Meg

“We anticipate each other’s needs and collaborate together. We also support by listening.” –Jim

On the work environment …

“The owner and managers always have an open door, and it’s a dynamic, professional environment.” –Mercedes

“It’s a positive, encouraging atmosphere filled with talented people.” –Maria

On education …

“We have the best education program. I went through the apprenticeship program a few years ago and I know I would not be the stylist that I am today without having done it. Detlev really wants us to be our best so they make sure we have the tools we need. Also, the outside education brought in for the whole team is phenomenal.” –Meg

“The advanced education available to us is incredibly helpful, and very interactive and informative.” –Junior

On choosing Detlev …

“My favorite part of working at Detlev Salon is working for Detlev himself. He’s the most supportive mentor and leader I’ve ever had. It’s such a positive environment with a boss who wants to see us do our very best. I also love the health insurance, paid vacation and 401(k)!” –Meg

“Working at Detlev brings a great team environment and an amazing, caring boss. We have great support and benefits, and flexible schedules, which is rare in the salon industry.” –Molika

“I work at Detlev because there’s no other salon like it. It’s truly amazing, and I feel at home.” –Junior


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Join Us

Do you want to be part of a team where you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a team-based environment and perks like education, medical and dental, 401(k) and paid vacation? Do you want to be in a salon where your growth is unlimited?

Here are a few of the qualities we’re looking for in team members:

  • Personal style and self confidence
  • Ability to thrive in team environment
  • A passion for Aveda and the Aveda mission
  • Openness to feedback and coaching, and hunger for growth
  • A heart for service—experience is the most valuable gift we give

Sound like we may be a match? Apply here or give us a call: 305.448.5750. We look forward to meeting you!



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