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Know What You’re Made Of—The Case for Transparency in Products

Here at Detlev Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Coconut Grove, we’ve been inspired by people determined to change the world. We’re talking about the dreamers, the doers, the ones choosing sustainability over profitability, the people living with authenticity and determination to better both themselves and the world around them. That’s why we are so excited to… Read more »

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Hair Color Trends We’re Obsessed With

From pops of peekaboo pastel to beautiful contouring color, hair color is having a moment. And at Detlev Salon we couldn’t be happier, because there’s nothing we love more than self-expression—and today’s color trends are the ultimate creative outlet. Plus, breaking news: Aveda’s new Demi+ color line now gives you vibrant color in a fraction… Read more »

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