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Mother’s Day gift ideas guaranteed to make her day

Mother's Day

There’s no one like Mom—she always has your back, supports you no matter what and loves you fiercely (you know she still hasn’t forgiven that guy who broke your heart in 6th grade). And while she’s the best, she’s also notoriously hard to shop for. So what do you get the woman who gave you… Read more »

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Making The Case For Clean Water—Everywhere

Picture this: your morning coffee, the tap water you use to brush your teeth, your shower water, the food you prepare for breakfast—even the ice in your freezer—riddled with deadly contaminants. And that’s just the beginning. A post shared by Aveda (@aveda) on Mar 16, 2018 at 7:02am PDT WHY WE NEED CLEAN WATER A… Read more »

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